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Our Last Event - Tues, Dec. 6th, 2016...

a good time was had by all!

Holiday Reception at Blackstone's Steakhouse

For the Dean Gamanos and friends at the Blackstone eventthird year in a row the Wine Society has held a holiday reception at Blackstone's offering good wines, great company and very tasty, hearty hors d'oeuvres.

At our December 6th reception over 50 attendees enjoyed each other's company, 17 different wines from Europe and the U.S. (perhaps the largest selection for a Greenwich Wine Society party), and very tasty hors d'oeuvres including Blackstones'  famous sliders, chicken tenders, bacon chunks and more!

Dean with Kathy Lee Gifford wineOur members loved Kathy Lee Gifford's wines from Monterey California including her Chardonnay, Red Blend and Rose (thanks Kathy for the signature bottle -- see photos).  

All the wines were well-received and in particular the Chateau Du Bois Chantant from Bordeaux was quickly consumed as was the Bolio Chianti Classico, the Ryder Estates Cabernet  Sauvignon and Dr. Heidemann's Dry Reiesling from the Mosel region in  Germany.

Three guests at our event

Blackstones Steakhouse


Upcoming  events for the new year will be announced in early 2017...
please stay tuned!

Happy Holidays

“Buvez du Vin et Vivez Joyeux!”

(Drink wine and enjoy life!) – French Proverb